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Hello and welcome to the website that promotes the Book
that will, no doubt, bring desired Change to those situations
in the Christian faith community for those who are looking
for it; challenging minds, emotions, ideologies,
temperaments, hearts and no doubt the spiritual expectation
of the reader.

While many in Christendom are looking for answers in
government and laws to create a better living environment in
our world, answering GOD's command to the church to
spread the Kingdom of GOD through the preaching of the
Gospel of JESUS CHRIST is still the solution for all mankind.

This book is the ministerial consultant's and church
turnaround specialist's handbook to resolve the ails that
struggling churches are facing today in modern ministry.

Thank you for visiting the website and now we invite you to
the Book
"The Zeal of Thine House has Eaten Me Up".
We believe that our audience will prove to be of an exclusive
group, those desiring to experience "Relationship" with GOD,
as well as those who crave ministerial success.
Turn Around Your Ministry NOW!
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The Zeal of Thine House has Eaten Me Up